It almost made me cry when I heard what happened to your country. It’s so sad to hear on the radio about a family, a school, and a town like mine has been devastated because of the disaster. I’ve seen everything is either under water or crushed. I’m glad that at least some of the population has survived, but I know most of your valuables are gone. I also want to let you know that I’m not the only one who cares. I hope the future will be better.
Lydia. 5th grade


Dear friend,
Hi my name is Hayden, I’m 10 years old in fifth grade and go to the Green Mount school. I hope that you and your family recover from the tsunami and earth quake. I heard that the nuclear reactors melted and know the air is toxic. I hope Japan will recover quickly.
Good luck, Hayden


Dear tsunami victim,
I am very sorry that bad things are happening in your country. The tsunami was a horrible natural incident. It flooded the crops and wiped out cities. It also caused three out of the four nuclear reactors to melt down. My friends and I make and sell comic books and we will donate the profit to tsunami relief.
Best wishes, Indy (4th grade)


I heard about the tsunami, and I am very worried. I’m sorry about the complete devastation. I hope you have a home.
Sincerely,Sam. Grade:4 age:10


Please get well and pray for your families. We are all praying too!



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