The dedication to duty and true professionalism to help people in need, while putting your lives on the line is what we do in the fire and rescue service every day. In times like this it only show true the dangers you face to help people in need. I commend all the fire fighters, rescue workers, medical professionals that have been putting themselves in harms way after the earthquake. Your acts of courage is often not recognized. I commend you and thank you. I was stationed in Japan while in the US Air force in 1996-1998, and this was one of my favorite duty stations overseas, the people of Japan are great people and you are in my thoughts.
From Aaron and Mayville Fire/Resuce Department, Mayville North Dakota.
アーロン、そしてメイビル消防署団員、 メイビル ノースダコタ州 米国


Stay strong brothers! The world is watching as you protect your community. Please know our thoughts are with you.
Tony Pighetti


You guys are amazing. Your dedication to help your people out is amazing. I wish the best for all of you, keep up the work and things will be back to normal.
Mike Franco  San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department Santa Barbara, CA, United States of America
マイク・フランコ サン マルコ パス ボランティア消防団 サンタバーバラ カリフォルニア州 米国


Stay strong brothers. Your bravery and dedication to your job and country has been noticed and admired by us all. Stay strong and stay safe.
Lieutenant Chris Young  Painesville Ohio, USA
クリス・ヤング中尉 ペインズビル オハイオ州 米国


to My Brothers in Japan , im a Firefighter in the United States and even tho we have many miles between us and we are from different countries and ethnicities we are of the same blood as protectors of our own communities . I admire your strength and courage and will to scrafice for the greater cause . know that we are with you in heart and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you and your people face these times of trouble .
Jose Izquierdo NEW JERSEY,USA
ホゼ ニュージャージー州、米国


Stay strong broters. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Jeremy,Santa Barbara City Fire, Ca., USA
ジェレミー、サンタバーバラ市消防署 カリフォルニア州 米国


Stay strong brothers. Your bravery is admirable. You are in my prayers.
Thank you!
Josh Murray,Firefighter San Antonio Fire Department
ジョシュ・マレー、消防士 サンアントニオ消防署 テキサス州 米国



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