Det er umulig å ikke bli dypt rørt når vi ser hvor mye ødeleggelse jordskjelvet og tsunamien har forårsaket. Jeg håper dere på et eller annet vis greier å finne styrken til å fortsette.
It is impossible not to be deeply affected by the suffering we are witness to after the earthquake and the tsunami. I hope you are able to somehow find strength and persevere.


Mili Iaponski Priateli,
nashite misli sa s vas! Vsichki vie ste geroi za tova koeto prejiviahte! Izprashtame vi nai surdenchni chuvstva i saboleznovania! Mislim za vas i sme do vas, dori kogato ni deliat okeani i moreta!
Ekaterina Pesheva
Dear Japanese Friends,
Our thoughts are with you, always! You are all heroes for the tragedy you went through. We are sending you our deepest condolences and positive thoughts. We are thinking about you and we are right there with you, next to you, even if we are oceans and seas apart!


Dear people of Japan,
You are in our hearts and thoughts daily. We grieve with you for your losses due to the earthquake and tsunami. And we feel your fear of nuclear disaster. You are a strong, proud people who have shown the world how to maintain dignity in the face of great tragedy. We thank you for your strength. Remember the hard times are temporary; you will rebuild and soon you will laugh and work and play again.
Douryoku no seishin o yashinao! Ganbatte kudasai.
Sincerely, Rich


My heart goes out to each and everyone touched by this disaster. You are in my prayers everyday. I know that you are all strong and I believe that you will come out even stronger.
Roxanne Manabat


Wishing you courage & strength of spirit in this time of great suffering.
The thoughts of world are with you.
Susan Yim



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